Sukanya Rangaraj Shah
Sukanya Rangaraj Shah
20:05 24 Jan 18
Dr. Coelho is amongst India's pioneers in gynaecology and obstetrics and has earned every bit of the acclaim she enjoys today. Her impeccable medical knowledge combined with a calm disposition and empathetic outlook stands testimony to the success stories that define her work. As a young professional and first time, new mom, I found her contemporary approach truly world class. That, combined with her very maternal nature was a winning combination through my pregnancy.
Dr.Charumati Pekhale
Dr.Charumati Pekhale
17:24 15 Jan 18
Dr Coelho is an excellent doctor & a very kind person . She patiently listens to all our queries and solves them all. She answers the phone calls even during odd hours. Me and my family have been taking treatment from her. She is one of the best doctors in the country !
Seema Mahajan
Seema Mahajan
15:22 28 Jan 18
My experience with Dr. Coelho has been excellent! I have known her for over 20 years and her diagnosis and treatment has always been on point. I underwent a hysterectomy under her care and she was very responsive and approachable though out.
Usha Jayaram
Usha Jayaram
15:18 24 Jan 18
I have been consulting Dr. Coelho since 1997, and I regard her as both a brilliant and experienced gynaecologist as well as a compassionate human who is able to put her patients at complete ease with her warm smile and her quiet competence. I have taken my pregnant daughter in law to meet her and I was amazed at the patient, yet crisp manner in which she answered all her questions, setting her at ease completely. Dr. Coelho is a devout catholic and does social work and lectures extensively. She responds promptly to her patients on whatsapp or phone. It is indeed comforting to know that Dr. Coelho is just a phone call away!
Parikshit Pekhale
Parikshit Pekhale
17:41 15 Jan 18
We are blessed with a baby boy who Dr. Coelho helped us to bring into this world. She is one of the most experienced and trusted obstetricians in the country. She truly has a pure heart and blessed hands.
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Poonam Mirchandani
Little Bo-Peep

Dearest Dr Coelho,

Thank you from my heart, thank you from my heart over and over and over again ❤ 🤗… this is poonam mirchandani from Little Bo-Peep reaching out to you with a heart full of overwhelming gratitude…

You saw my daughter, mrinalini, through

Mahnaz & Reza
ARK Reza Kabul Architects

It has been our fortune and delight to have consulted with you. Nobody can do your job quite like you! For us, you have been God sent. We knew when we met you, that we were in safe hands and had nothing to worry about. Your passion and persistence assured us that what drives you is read more...

Lakshmi Shastri
Mother of Cricketer Ravi Shastri

In November 2016, when I felt I had a gynaecological problem, I thought of you, not so much because you are a noted Gynaecologist (which undoubtedly you are) but more so because my late husband Dr. Shastri and you, had many years ago, shared a read more...

Soha Ali Khan

I have known dr Coelho for 3 years now. She is an excellent doctor with a wonderful bedside manner. She has impeccable credentials and mountains of experience, is both professional and warm, kind and firm. She is prompt to reply to the most inane of my questions and is incredibly reassuring.

Supriya Pathak Kapur

I am an actress working for the last 30 years in the film, television and theatre industry in India. I have done lots of work and received acclaim for my work, thanks to The Lord. Our work is very strenuous and so we need the help and guidance of a very good doctor.

Dr. Kiran

Meghna Ghai Puri

Needless to say that one of the most important people in a woman’s life is her gynac. We need her at every stage of our lives. And having found Dr Kiran Coelho very early on, even before I had kids was a blessing. She has been the most fantastic doctor, who for both my deliveries, read more...

Kamalika Guha Thakurta
Founder and Artistic Director

That Dr Kiran is incredible at the work she does is already known to all. And her reputation was the reason I chose her to help me deliver both my girls. The warm smile with which she greets you as you enter her clinic forges an instant bond. A bond that has lasted now for over 15 years. read more...

Tanzeel Goni Khan – Dubai

Our life is now complete with this little guy joining our family. After a wait of over 9 years our life is now so full of joy watching the little master grow day by day.

Thank You doctor and God bless you with lots and lots of health and energy.

Disha Ganatra

Firstly thank you wud be seriously a small word to u .. doctors are Meant to treat patient but u haven’t just given me a baby but made my whole journey of pregnancy awesome with ur permissions for holidays and giving me the comfort which I never expected in pregnancy.. having read more...

Reshma Krishnan
Writer & Author

Nineteen months on, as I look back on the whole birthing experience I am filled with joy and a large part of that has to do with Kiran. Every visit, all the way from putting together a strategy to conceive to my monthly checkup was a pleasure. When you’re tired, exhausted, and want read more...

Divya Seth Shah

Everyone has some people in their lives , that they never forget, who change the course of their destiny. Dr. Kiran Coelho is such a person in our family.Kind, compassionate, Completely involved in the well- being and needs of her patients. My delivery was as Theatrical as my Profession read more...

Sagari Nayak

My first thought when I met Dr Cohelo so many years ago was disappointment! Disappointment that I hadn’t met her earlier in life. But I am soo happy that unlike me who met her when I moved back to Mumbai and was older, both my girls have had her to turn to for all their questions read more...

Bela Segal

24 years ago, my husband and I met Dr. Kiran Coelho at Holy Family Hospital. We were keen on starting a family and were having problems conceiving a child. Dr. Coelho was enthusiastic, warm and professional. She counselled and guided us and after two operations we conceived our first read more...

Monia Saigal Pinto

When a woman is pregnant she needs the support of that one person who knows  and feels what she is going through, that one person who takes care of her, and only  that one person she can trust wholeheartedly with her soon to be born baby. For 9 months this person is more important read more...

Aakriti Raizada

Doctor Cohelo is a wonderful doctor and a support for all her patients… She is always a call and a message away. My pregnancy under her supervision for very smooth and healthy.. love to doctor.. From Aakriti Raizada

Binaifer Bajan

Hello everyone, my name is Benaifer Bajan and I am a resident of Mumbai. I would like to share my association with Dr. Kiran Coelho. I still clearly recollect the day when we first met more than 20 years back. I was extremely impressed by her keen listening, approachable attitude, the read more...

Dr. Farida Jabbarpurwala
Paramedical Professional

I am a paramedical professional working in the U.K.  For the longest time I suffered from severe pain due to fibroids in the uterus and managed to carry on my work with painkillers. Since the past two years, the pain was unbearable, and the fibroids seemed to be growing at an alarming read more...

Nina Rajan Pillai

Rare are the people in this world that make a change in your life by caring for you inside and out, Dr Kiran Coelho counts as one of the best on my short list of rare people.

A renown gynaecologist and obstetrics surgeon she is a celebrity in her own right! The list of celebrities read more...

Unknown Name

Dr Kiran Coelho is easily one of the most dynamic, meticulous & thorough doctors I’ve known & I am proud to have her with me for my first baby. Pleasant yet firm, she instils in me a relaxed confidence as I know I am in good hands. I have thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy, read more...

Lakshmi Ravichander
Music Director

I was introduced to Dr Kiran Coelho by my bestie Suguna Srikrishnan at a very difficult juncture in my life. The moment I entered the room and recieved her warm smile , I knew i had found the Dr who was going to set me right. In that first meeting she held my hand and gave me so much read more...

Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh
Sports Psychologist & Shiv Chatrapati Awardee Cyclist

One of the best phases of life is parenthood.. and we expect the best to occur right from begining i.e from conception to the end i.e delivery, to sail through as safely and smoothly as possible. We choose Dr Kiran Coelho as our consultanting gynecologist right when we thought of planning read more...

Firdaus Rafi

My appraisal for the gorgeous graceful beautiful and for me the most talented, “Dr. KIRAN COELHO” would just be an echo of all the other mesages. Yet I wish to speak of this beautiful doctor with a warm smile, who mostly cures her pateints with reassurance that no problem read more...

Blanche Rodrigues
Headmistress - St. Joseph’s Convent High School, Bandra

Dr Kiran Coelho has a long association with St Joseph’s Convent, Bandra and the Sisters of the Daughters of the Cross. Three generations of Dr Kiran’s family have studied at St Joseph’s, namely, her mother, herself and her daughter Nayantara. Dr Kiran is passionate about her read more...

Suguna Shri Krishna

Dr. Kiran is a blessing in my life. I have known her for over 22 years ever since I was carrying my 2nd baby boy. As he grew up, we realised that half of his class-mates from Bandra were delivered by Kiran !

Ours is not a Doctor-patient relationship. She is a great friend and read more...

Monica Anand

The more said the less it is … of dr Coelho. Dr your attention to detail, knowledge stemming from your readings and involvements in Gynac podiums puts your clients at complete ease.Inspite of all your experiences in the field ,you have zest and curiosity for more , the beneficiaries read more...


As requested, I am giving a small write-up which I hope will meet with your requirements.

“I have known Dr. Kiran Coelho for over 50 years as not only was she my neighbour, but also her aunt, Betty, and I were in the same class in St. Joseph’s Convent, Bandra, Mumbai.

Dr.

Margaret Ann

I live in New York and was traveling to Thailand and then to Bombay when I was hit by a sudden fever so severe that I could hardly stand.

Arriving in Bombay I was admitted to Lilavathi and put on very strong antibiotics for eight days. they were unable to locate the reason for read more...